Catherine Pettersson

Future Digital Analyst




I started visiting Spain at an early age, and was hooked on travel ever since. Mostly within Europe, but there are so many beautiful places and cities to visit here – I don’t think I’ll ever be finished! Favorite destinations include: Orlando, Croatia, Netherlands and London – but the list grows ever longer.



Being a curious person, I always love to discover new things – and places! And what is the key to discovery? Research! I usually really hunker down and get to know a place before going there, interesting spots to see, good restaurants to eat at, and so on. Planning is a part of the journey for me, and planning for time to discover freely on site is where the money is at!



A large part of our travels are for the purpose of hardstyle festivals. The music genre is big in the Netherlands and they put on mind blowing shows where the music is combined with incredible stages, lights and pyrotechnics. It’s an amazing experience every time, meeting new like-minded people, enjoying the music we all love, and dancing for hours on end.