Catherine Pettersson

Future Digital Analyst



Graphic Design


A big interest of mine, developed and honed for many years, is graphic design. I’ve touched on the subject in several parts of my education, and do some personal projects every now and then – playing with layouts, typography and graphics.


Interior Design

For as long as I can remember, I have absolutely loved decorating interiors. Starting with my childhood rooms, and on to my first apartment, and all the homes I’ve had throughout my life. I have moved around quite a bit, but never grown tired of it – every new place has been a blank canvas for decorating my home in a new and exciting way!



I have early memories of flipping through house catalogues and imagining what I would do with the layout of the plan, what colours I would choose and where I would want to build each house. Later on, I got to experience the business of architecture first hand – like a dream come true for my inner child.